Friday, September 26, 2008

Buka Puasa @KFC and Broadway Parodies lah lagi !!!

Date: 23/09/2008
Venue: KFC jalan Ipoh & KLPAC
Attendees: Amy, Elly, Lokman, Audi, Apiz n me
We had berbuka puasa session @KFC jalan ipoh on Tuesday. After dat, we went 2watch theater called "Broadway Parodies lah lagi" @KLPAC. It was a fun lah. A musical theater, all da songs were taken from broadway musicals, eg. Chicago, Sound of Music etc..Da twist was, da subjects were all about Malaysian lah. How we all crave for foods, current political situations, how lembap da gomen agencies are more into hillarious type of musical lah. Lyrics were all changed based on the hillarious subjects.

Oh yer, thanks to Apiz, for belanje us KFC for berbuka puasa !!! =)

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BPLL 2008 said...

Thanks for watching Broadway Parodies Lagi Lah! Glad you have had a blast watching us! Our last show is on Sunday at 3pm. Tell you friends to catch it.