Sunday, December 27, 2009

My first MCR-A Walkabout !!!

It was xmas day, 25th Dec 2009. Kt mesia sumer org cuti Public holiday. Kitorang mcm biasa lah kena kerje heheh.. Since da E&I lead kena check wiring on the EDG Control panel, so i had da oppurtunity to follow him skali. 2 of my friends yg di assigned from Technip pon ikot skali. The MCR-A topside and the GBS (the structure to be planted on the seabed) were located around 1.5km from our site engineering office.

Construction is on going lah. Kitorang naik sampai da upper deck. Near da helideck. Tangga nk naik helideck tuh xsiap lagi, kalau x mmg nk naik. Da view from up there was breath taking !! I can see how big is da Fab yard, jauh sket dah nampak the Onshore Gas Terminal (OGT). OGT pon still under constrcuction lah. Since the FAb yard is by the sea..u can see how big is da caspian sea. Da thing about this caspian sea is, there is no wave at this sea. CAspian sea is actually a very big lake, so sbb tuh xder ombak kt laut nih.

Apart from that, i also noticed that - apart from our population, yg lain sumer nye Padang Pasir !!! I cannot see even one single house pon at the vicinity. Kedai, petrol pump jgn cakap lah..As i said before, 45minutes drive baru sampai 2da nearest pekan lah..

Oh gua ade amek gmbar gaks time walkabout tuh...


JuRi said...

bro, macam kenal jee lighting tu.. brand chalmit ekk?

JoE AdzriL said...

Aah bai, itu brand Chalmit. Nampak sangat lu selalu sangat tukar lampu rosak kt Plant hehehe =P