Monday, May 25, 2009

Performance @Annual Dinner & Dance 2009

Lame plak xupdate blog. My wedding is just tinggal 4more days to go. Anyways..gua nk cerita sket pasal our Technip Annual Dinner & Dance 2009. To be honest tahun nih lagi best from tahun lepas lah. Sbb tahun nih, ader competition Technip got talent, and gua dapat perform lagi hehe, sound system is better this year (much2 better actually), venue pon best (one world hotel), food was better..All in all gua rase best ah. Yg kurang best sket, gua rase band gua punye stage kecik sket, so xdapat move freely sangat. We played 10 songs dat nite. Kitorang ader new singer, Arlia all da way from Technip Indonesia, suara nya sangat bagus sekali dong !!! The lineup were da same as last year lah - Pet on Drums, Fazil on bass, Zubir on guitars, Erlina on keyboard, Razlan on vocals. Alhamdulillah, after practising yg byk, kitorang bleh perform all da songs dgn xder masalah lah.

As for Arlia, Razlan, Erlina, Zubir, Fazil and Pet - it's my honour to play with u guys. Thanks a lot !!!

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