Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lunch @Al Nafourah, Le Meridien Hotel KL

Date: 30th May 2008
Venue: Al-Nafourah Restaurant, Le Meridien Hotel KL
Thanks to Ms.Amy Aida, i got dis lunch voucher for two @Al Nafourah restaurant. Lawa lah restoran dier. A very exclusive arab punye tempat mkn. Had bahaganouj for starter, Chill Beyaz Peymir - main course and dessert dier..pergh sedap sehh, ade milk pudding n mango !!!

Had gr8 time during lunch, sbb kali nih gua bawak my cute "mambang" hehe =P

Note: Da word "mambang" in my dictionary is defined as gf ;-)

to Ms.Amy - Thanks so much sbb kasik free voucher tuh !!!! =)

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