Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008 !!!!!

Time flies very fast, i mean really2 fast k. Why eih? Because i did so many things ker? Or did i giler sangat kerje, sampai not realize dat mase amat pantas skali berjalan? hehehe..Naa, aper2 pun, let's look back on my 2007 resolutions, which i posted in this blog, on da 4th JAnuary 2007: -

  1. KErja rajin2. Try to maintain at least 10 hours in the office everyday. Erm Let me see, 2007, average balik rumah 8pm almost everyday. So kirer DONE la (If u consider balik lewat ari2, as kerje rajin2 kan)

  2. Kumpul duit byk2. Errr - 2 Trips to Jakarta/ Bandung in a YEAR bai !!! How cud i save money biler dah pegi berjalan mcm tuh. Argh !!!!! Ader la sket2 simpan.

  3. MUSE Live in KL - itu nak pegi !! Yep - i went to MUSE Concert !!!

  4. The 60 meter Ferris Wheel, Eye On Malaysia - itu nak kena try beb !!! Yep - went naik Eye On malaysia wit Aleem n Kyun, siap dpt naik VIP coach lagi tuh !!!
  1. I want to buy another guitar - an EPIPHONE LES PAUL STANDARD. Woohoo !!!! i got da Epiphone guitar. Les Paul Custom lagih tuh !!! Pesan kt Acap beli kt Korea

  2. Try da best not to get Emotionally Occupied. Erm - i managed to stay single for another year. Dat's good enuff. Jap Adzril, bukan lu single every year ker? hahaha

  3. Read Non-Engineering books. For a start - 3 Non-Engineering books per year. ONly one, Da Vinci Code. That's good for a start, betul x? hehe.
  1. LIve bands/Stage Plays/Theaters for 2007 - mane yg best, pegi la kan. 2007 - byk giler pegi tgk concerts/ theaters/ live bands. i even got da chance to perform during Technip Sports Day. Yes - i got back my 20 seconds of rock n roll fame dat day man !!!!
Not bad for 2007 kan?

As for 2008, i want to make my resolutions to be more bertemakan "Modal Insan". All these materialistic objectives, mcm beli tube amp, beli American Fender STrat, Gibson Les Paul, nak beli Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0, nak beli rumah semi-d, nak pegi travel overseas or whatnot....Itu sumer slow2 la, tgk budget la kan..

So for 2008, my resolutios simple jer : -
  • Improve myself to be a better person
  • Kerje kuat2
  • Dpt perform kt mane2, Annual Dinner Technip maybe? Perform kt Kenduri Kawin pun layan gaks hehe
  • Continue attending concerts/ theaters/ live bands/ Stand-up comedies or whatnot in 2008
Erm i have to figure out nak letak mane tics2 for events in 2008 plak hehehe..

Happy New Year guys !!!!

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