Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Last Birthday Treat of 2007...

Went to Cochine, Asian Heritage Row to celebrate Amy's Birthday. As u all know, we have dis Birthday Dinner Treaty - where, once a year, during Birthday masing2, each participant is entitle to have a fancy dinner, at a Fancy Restaurant in KL. The treaty also includes some budget la kan, kalau x, giler melampau la kan. So xbleh exceed da budget la. Ari tue mase my birthday, diorang belanje kt Chillis and i dpt satu ticket theater free. Then mase Elly's Birthday plak - we had Berbuka Puasa @Shangri-La Hotel. Then for Amy nie plak - she requested nak dinner kt Cochine, Asian Heritage Row. Seriously, tempat tue lawa - and yg best da food was nice !!! Speciality Cochine - nasik berlauk, masakan Cambodia, Vietnamese la. kitorang mentekedarah mcm org giler hari tue. We had 2 appetizers, Nasi putih, 5 lauk, 3 desserts and 2 mocktails hahaha. Yes, licin tue bai!!! So next year plak la..kena start pikir nie, kt mane plak nak suruh diorang belanje mkn nie hehehe =P

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