Sunday, May 06, 2007

TECHNIP Annual Dinner & Dance 2007 !!!!

Tadi pegi Technip punyer annual dinner kt KL Convention Center. Points to story: -
  • Dis annual dinner was da 25th Anniversary of Technip
  • Da dress code - Formal, baju batik, or National dress. I wore Baju Batik jer
  • Foods - Chinese sets. Not dat kenyang pun. Lepas tue pegi lepak A&W PJ with Aleem n Kyun hehe..
  • Hosted by Zainal Alam Kadir, yes ..da "Wayang Kita" guy
  • Dayang Nurfaizah performed !!!!!! Gua mmg minat giler Dayang, so dapat ler ambik gambar dier close up sket. Reshmonu was da 2nd performer. Ok la his HEy Wale Wale !!!
  • Seperti mane last year, i didn't win any LUCKY DRAW. Da first prize was dis holiday package worth RM5k to these 3 options, Angkor Watt, Beijing or Hanoi
  • Seeing Michelle did some Belly Dancing on stage!!!! PRICELESS....Woohooo =P
Next Saturday- Wedding Reception Hackean kt TTDI Community Hall

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No Angel said...

I really like your twin tower shots. Indah sungguh tanah tumpah darahku ini.