Saturday, November 18, 2006

It's just another Weekend

Erm..where did i go last week eih?

Oh Last saturday, mama wanted to do a makan2 for kawan2 Alan from UIAM. Dah nak buat makan2, i invited some of my friends. Since it was a last minute notice, most of my friends didn't come, diorang pun byk open house nak attend. Hafez, Halim and Zack came. Kawan2 Alan jgn cakap aa..i think my house penuh betul, ajak student dtg open house, so ader la 6 buah kereta datang hehe. It reminds me mase belajar dulu, kalau ader member2 yg buat open house..sure 7-8 buah keta yg pegi. Makan free sehh, saper xnak pegi..

As for my friends, Hafez..tahun depan kawin. Halim plak, dengar2 citer tahun depan kawin. Zack, in 2 years time kawin. Woohoo..Topik PANAS hahaha =P Takpe2, i'm happy for them la. Zack and Halim were my housemates mase kt rumah serdang dulu. So kitorang mmg rapat aa. I do feel cepat betul mase berlalu, it was like..macam baru jer kitorang abis belajar, tapi skang nie sumer dah kerja and diorang dah nak kawin dah hahaha. Later dat day, we went to open house kt rumah gf Halim @Setapak. Comel orang nyer..bertuah si Halim tue hehe. Gf Zack plak org Kedah, ader Zack tunjuk gambar ari tue..

Sunday - i went to watch "The ODd Couple" theater @KLPAC. Mr.Firdaus and Ms.Shiqin joined along. It was hillarious la. Casts were BErnie Chan (The pillow talk show presenter), Samantha Schubert (Familiar face la, tp lame dier xberlakon), Elaine Daly (The former miss Malaysia, yep She's HOT hehe)..others xkenal hehe. It was basically story of two friends, one was opposite of another tried to live in da same house. Flo was obsessive compulsive and Olive was an untidy person. So u can imagine kelam kabut rumah tue jadi. I really like da two indian guys, they were funny as hell !! These two indian guys were da odd couple's neighbour. Just came from india, u know how funny language mis-interpretation could be kan hehe..

YEsterday, went to watch CAsino Royale @Summit USJ. Susah betul nak buat reservation kat OU. End up, ajak Hafez..then pegi tgk kat SUmmit USJ. xder la ramai org sangat. Da story, erm action packed. Byk adegan2 kejam hehe. I do think movie James Bond kali nie lain sket. 1st, da opening scene, there was NO 'Bond on the bed' scene. It was replaced by a scene where James Bond killing someone. Something new sehh hehe =P 2nd-Daniel Craig as da James Bond?? I still think, macam xmasuk gak aa. Maybe dari zaman dulu, dah ditonjolkan James Bond mesti handsome, charming mcm Sean Connery & Pierce Brosnan. Daniel Craig?? For da "Controlled Love Scene", it was like watching Arnold Schwarzenegger making Love dohh argh kurang menyenangkan!!.. Since da movie was rated "U" i didn't get to see the HOT Catherine Murino going out from the water in the green Bikini. Da scene was cut. Argh tensen2!! Hey that's what BOND movies were all about, betul x? hehe =P

Oh yer, da Casino Royale theme song best !! "You know my Name" by Chris Cornell of Audioslave. Suara serak2 basah, dgn Rock punyer riff..mmg layan aa

As for dis weekend, gua menyangap kt rumah..isk isk. Kena carik hobi baru la camnie =(

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