Tuesday, November 07, 2006

FraNKie in LurVe @KLPAC !!!

Went to see Frankenstein in Love @KLPAC last week, with Ms.Amy n Ms.Elly.

Silap aa, sbb xbuat homework awal2. Afta da theater, baru nak baca blog http://frankenstein-in-love.blogspot.com/ betul2 haha. Patut la lost sket mase tgk theater ari tue. Directed by Gavin Yap, da casts were Rashid Salleh, Melissa Maureen, Douglas Lim, Patrick Teoh..as for da others, korang xkenal pun (Gua pun samer hehe). Referring to da blog la kan (haha nak try relate what i saw and da facts la nie), da play was written by Clive BArker, one of da well-known horror writer. Frankly speaking, i xtau pun dis Clive Barker, never read any of his books before. To be honest, i don't read dat much, i mean baca buku2 cerita la. Anythin to do with engineering, history, music..itu bleh. Yep, dis makes me quite a Boring guy kan?? hehe..

Anyway, da play was about a romantic triangle between El Coco (Da revolution Leader played by Rashid Salleh), Veronique (Frankenstein's creature played by Melissa Maureen) and Dr. Frankenstein himself (Played by a mat salleh, who i didn't know his name). As u all know (sure korang penah tengok da frankenstein monster kaler hijau tue kan), Dr.Frankesntein was da mad doctor who creates zombie out of human bodies, or he created monsters??. Da play was set in a situation where, Dr.Frankenstein succeeded in creating a race of half-dead creatures. This half-dead creatures had the ability to think and behave like normal people plak tue. And yet these creature knew that, they had no place in the real world.

At da same time, there was a Revolution in da country. El Coco and his loyal servant, Cockatoo overthrew the current president, Garcia Perez (played by Patrick Teoh). Da scene took place in Dr.Frankenstein's palace. They also discovered some horror n weird monsters in it. A sudden adrenaline rush (i.e Love at First Sight) occurred when El Coco set eyes on Veronique, da monster cum zombie. Oh yer, El Coco was actually Dr.Frankenstein best creation. He looked like a real human being la, not like other scary zombies. BUt still, El Coco preferred human flesh rather than bread.

Dr.Frankenstein being da mad doctor, killed El Coco because he wanted to gain power from da revolution. He also forced VEronique to marry him, da reason was..erm any zombie could not be accepted in da real world-this includes VEronique la. Plus Frankenstein loved Veronique. Seperti biasa, hero mane bleh mati awal beb hehe. El Coco managed to survive da skin-peeled torture. Err, he managed to find a tailor la. El Coco instructed da tailor to kill people, peeled their skin to replace his skin. Scary kan??

As for da end of da story, macam biasa..da revenge scene la. Equipped with his new skins, El Coco crashed into Frankenstein wedding. He killed Frankenstein..and El Coco and VEronique lived happily ever after. Arakian, macam tue la kisah nye hehe =P

My opinion.

Teater yg agak berat. Dun worry, gua penah tgk teater yg tak paham langsung-nie kirer ok lagi la. Mood yg menyeramkan-October kan ader perayaan Helloween. My advice-when it comes to theater2 yg berat nie, i mean any adaptations from books/movies ker, please do some homework la sket. Utk mengurangkan situasi "LOST" bila tengok pementasan nanti..hehe

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