Saturday, June 09, 2007

ActoRlympics 2007 !!!!

On thursday, went to watch Actorlympics @Actors Studio Bangsar.

BEfore dat, Ms.Amy n Ms.Elly belanje dinner. Kitorang ader dis treaty, whenever Birthday akan belanje masing2 dinner. My birthday was last week, so diorang belanje i dinner kali nie la. Had dinner @Chillis BSC.

Pastue pegi tgk Actorlympics la. Nie 2nd time gua pegi tgk Actorlympics, before dis pegi last 2 years if i'm not mistaken. This time around, ader Douglas Lim, Joanna Bessey, Nell Ng, Reza, Ida Nerina, Syafira..and last but not least da SUmoLah guy, Afdlin Shauki !!!!
Kali nie, giler kelakar ah !!! Oh for those yg xtau, Actorlympics nie kirer rendition of da show "Whose Line is it Anyway" - tapi malaysian comedians la.

Byk la game yg dior
ang main, plus da audience also were given da oppurtunity to interact wit da comedians. Da audience were asked to give weird situations, so dat da actors bleh came up with spontaneous jokes. Giler kelakar abis, sampai gua gelak keluar angin jer, suara dah habis hahahaha !!!!!

Thanks to Ms.Elly and Ms.Amy for the Birthday dinner and Free Actorlympics ticket ;-)

Next time, birthday korang, gua belanje dinner plak =)


No Angel said...

Happy Belated Bday,Joe! May God bless you always and may all your wishes come true.

JoE AdzriL said...

Thanks for the wish !!!! =)