Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy NEw YeaR 2007 !!!

Welcome 2007 !!!

2006 was not bad afterall la. It was a year full of ups and downs, enjoy sakan and whatnot. In 2006: -

  1. I bought a GIBSON guitar. Second hand beb - She is turning 23 years old dis year hehe. Sekurang2 nyer ade lah guitar yg best sket. Hampir abis duit bonus gua hahaha.

  2. Went to a lot of concerts/live bands in 2006. Memorable concert - Pesta Malam Indonesia @Stadium Merdeka, RADJA live in Stadium Negara, LEFTHANDED Live @Planet Hollywood

  3. Theaters and stage plays - byk gak pegi in 2006. Yg best - Wangi JAdi Saksi, Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical, Goldrain and Hailstone, Toast

  4. 1st March 2006 - One yEar in TECHNIP.

  5. Eating out sessions - da best place to dine were TAmarind Springs, 39th Restaurant, Bangkok Jazz, Las Carretas. As for lunch - nothin can beat Ayam Kampung VELODROME beb !!!

Ader lagi, all the bitterness xpayah disclose la. Those bitterness were lesson learnt for me la. Try not to repeat da same mistake dis year la kan.

As for 2007, i've made some plans/objectives la...

  1. KErja rajin2. Try to maintain at least 10 hours in the office everyday.

  2. Kumpul duit byk2

  3. MUSE Live in KL - itu nak pegi !!

  4. The 60 meter Ferris Wheel, Eye On Malaysia - itu nak kena try beb !!!

  5. I want to buy another guitar - an EPIPHONE LES PAUL STANDARD

  6. Try da best not to get Emotionally Occupied

  7. Read Non-Engineering books. For a start - 3 Non-Engineering books per year.

  8. LIve bands/Stage Plays/Theaters for 2007 - mane yg best, pegi la kan.

  9. Be a better person.

Wish me all da best beb !!!

Happy New YEar 2u guys, Semoga tahun baru nie, korang sumer diberikan kebahagian, dan dimurahkan Rezeki =)

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